neo:Proof Print Exhibition/Exchange | Neo:Gallery23, Bolton


26th May - 8th July 2018
Preview: Saturday 2-4pm, 26th May
Thur to Sun 11am - 5pm
Free Admission
Fully accessible

'Fold' in neo:Proof Print Exhibition/Exchange


The exhibition intends to raise awareness of new trends and directions in contemporary printmaking, from the traditional to the digital, by showcasing excellence and innovation. Up to 100 contemporary visual artists have been selected to take part in the exhibition each working on 30 x 30cm paper. 
neo:Proof Print Exhibition/Exchange is the first of a continuing annual project, building on its reputation the same way as the neo:artprize, neo:printprize and neo:residency programmes. We have had an excellent submission from the UK,
Italy, India, Iran, Russia, USA, Argentina, Poland, Ukraine, New Zealand, France, Germany, Canada, Mongolia, Holland, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Denmark.

The Market Place
Bolton, UK