ArtSlant Prize 2016 Round 5


'Factory 1933. 3' ArtSlant Prize Juried Winner

ArtSlant Prize

The ArtSlant Prize is given to emerging and mid-career artists that exhibit great potential and commitment to their artistic practice and whose work helps advance contemporary aesthetic, conceptual, and political discourses. As part of this program, three to four winners are selected annually for the ArtSlant Prize Exhibition, held during a major art fair in the United States. Review

Round 5 Judging Panel:  

Thorsten Albertz partner at Albertz Benda in New York
Sibylle Friche Director at DOCUMENT, Chicago

Round 5 Jurried Winners:

Fiona K. Lau | Steve Byrnes | Hans Neleman I Deirdre Fox | Adrian Pocobelli |
Dani Dodge | Beverly Rautenberg | Olga Woszczyna

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